1. Hindi Nouns – Masculine




Type-1       It has aa ending      Ex. लड़का

When making plural the aa ending will become e

Ex. एक लड़का- दो लड़के

Type-2      It has no aa ending    Ex. घर

When making plural Type-2 doesn’t change .

Ex. एक घर- दो घर

Let’s try yourself and give your answers in the comment box:

Type-1 masculine nouns are those which has “aa आ” ending.

  1. कमरा- Kamraa- room
  2. लड़का- LaRkaa- boy
  3. बेटा – BeTaa- son
  4. केला- Kelaa- banana
  5. मेला –Melaa- fair
  6. जूता- Jootaa- shoes
  7. कुत्ता- Kuttaa- dog

Type -2 masculine nouns are those which doesn’t have aa ending.

  1. शहर- Shaher- city
  2. मकान – Makaan- house
  3. आदमी-aadmee- man
  4. पानी –paanee- water
  5. घर – ghar- home
  6. स्कूल –school-school
  7. अख़बार-akhbaar- newspaper


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