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भी also

भी Also/too Let’s try I also go to the party. We go to the party too. We make Indian food too. She sings beautiful songs too. He reads stories too. They sleep at 10...


Adverb in Hindi

Adverb describes an action verb. It has four categories: when, how, to what extent, and where When How Where/place At what extent Early जल्दी Happily ख़ुशी से Outside बाहर Very बहुत Today आज Sadly...

Commands in Hindi 0

Commands in Hindi

Let’s try (Write in Hindi in complete sentences.) Casual/informal commands Example: Don’t eat mango. तुम आम मत खाओ। or आम मत खाओ। Don’t laugh at me. (हँसना) Don’t laugh. Don’t play outside. (खेलना) Don’t...