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Numbers in Hindi

हिंदी में गिनती Hindi me^ ginti  1 ek एक  2 do दो  3 teen तीन  4 chaar चार  5 paanch पाँच  6 chhe छह/छः  7 saat सात  8 aath आठ  9 nau नौ  10...


Adverb in Hindi

Adverb describes an action verb. It has four categories: when, how, to what extent, and where When How Where/place At what extent Early जल्दी Happily ख़ुशी से Outside बाहर Very बहुत Today आज Sadly...

Conjunction in Hindi 0

Conjunction in Hindi

Conjunction can be used to join words or group of words   and और or या but लेकिन, पर, परन्तु, किन्तु  


Color names in Hindi

Color names in Hindi In Hindi In (Pronunciation) In English Audio Pronunciation नीला neelaa blue पीला peelaa yellow हरा haraa green काला kaalaa black सफ़ेद safed white लाल laal red बैंगनी bengni purple गुलाबी...

Week days in Hindi 0

Week days in Hindi

Week days हफ़्ते के दिन hafte ke din सोमवार को  somvaar ko   (on Monday) मंगलवार को  magalvaar ko (on Tuesday) बुधवार को   budhvaar ko ( on Wednesday)  वीरवार/गुरुवार veervaar/guruvaar ko (on Thursday) शुक्रवार को ...


भी also

भी Also/too Let’s try I also go to the party. We go to the party too. We make Indian food too. She sings beautiful songs too. He reads stories too. They sleep at 10...


की or कि

Let’s try Ramesh’s book is blue. Seema’s table is green. She knows that you are intelligent. She said that you will come tomorrow. We knew that we have to take this class. He asked...


Future tense (Plurals)

Future tense Examples You will eat. You will sleep. You will write. You will go. We will watch. We will eat. They will read the book. They will bring vegetables. Let’s try You will...


The emphatic ही

  The emphatic ही Example Only I am intelligent. मैं ही होशियार हूँ । I read book only on Mondays. मैं सोमवार को ही किताब पढ़ती हूँ । Only I do yoga every day....


कोई and किसी

कोई somebody, someone, anyone, any किसी + postposition = somebody’s किसी का/की/के , to somebody किसी को , from somebody किसी से , with somebody किसी के साथ , for somebody किसी के लिए , on somebody किसी पर ,...