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Color names in Hindi

Color names in Hindi In Hindi In (Pronunciation) In English Audio Pronunciation नीला neelaa blue पीला peelaa yellow हरा haraa green काला kaalaa black सफ़ेद safed white लाल laal red बैंगनी bengni purple गुलाबी...

Conjunction in Hindi 0

Conjunction in Hindi

Conjunction can be used to join words or group of words   and और or या but लेकिन, पर, परन्तु, किन्तु  


Adverb in Hindi

Adverb describes an action verb. It has four categories: when, how, to what extent, and where When How Where/place At what extent Early जल्दी Happily ख़ुशी से Outside बाहर Very बहुत Today आज Sadly...


Numbers in Hindi

हिंदी में गिनती Hindi me^ ginti  1 ek एक  2 do दो  3 teen तीन  4 chaar चार  5 paanch पाँच  6 chhe छह/छः  7 saat सात  8 aath आठ  9 nau नौ  10...